Liner in paving attachment generates better tracks

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The paving attachment is pulled behind a tractor. Behind the paver are multiple sticks which can be adjusted in height. It consist of 2 parts :
- front plate, with countersunk holes
- narrower end plate, with countersunk holes
The back plate is replaced on a 2 to 1 ratio compared to the front plate.
There`s much more science on keeping the track in perect condition as one could image.

Emerald Downs consits of sand of different grain sizes ( see report ) , which are mixed with plastic fibres
Having the best possible track has advantages :
- faster track ( and as such attrack the best races and horses )
- safer track ( preventing injury to million dollar horses )
The track has on average 600 horses a day practicing on it.
The paver is used several times a day, especially after rain.
This application :
- shows the potential applications Hardox Wearparts members can look for
thinking outside of the box.
- shows the potential for upgrading is all around us.
- shows the contribution of our top of the line product to a top of the line sport.

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